Return/Refund Policy

Online Sales Disclaimer
Here at ProFab, we want to be transparent and inform our customers that all items purchased through ( have had sales tax and shipping and handling charges applied to them. 

What justifies a return/refund
Any item purchased from can be returned/refunded if the item is damaged during the shipping process or if the item is not as described on the website. For example, if the customer orders an 11-inch sign and receives a 5-inch size, they would can return the item and receive a refund. Please see the Custom order policy for details about that specific item.

Action required by the customer
It is the purchaser's responsibility to contact ProFab directly to begin the refund process. Documentation (Photographs of the item) must be provided before ProFab will begin the refund process.Please send all documentation to

Custom orders policy
If a custom order is received and the item is not customized to the customers' specific request, that order is subject to a refund/return. Once the customer informs ProFab of the error and documentation is provided. ProFab will remake the custom item and send it to the customer free of charge. There will be no need to return the incorrect item. 

How many days do you have to return
Once a customer has received an item from ProFab, they have seven days to contact ProFab to begin the return/ refund process. After seven days, the return/refund process will no longer be valid.

How will they receive the refund (credit or replacement)
If a refund is valid, ProFab will refund the purchase using the same method the customer used to purchase the item. For example: if the customer purchases an item using PayPal, ProFab will refund the item through PayPal. However, if the customer purchased the item with Cash, ProFab will refund the customer with a check sent to the customer's address. 

Refunds for digital products 
ProFab does not refund digital items such as SVG, DXF, PNG, etc. 

Who pays for shipping to return the product?
All items on have shipping and tax included in the pricing. If a customer is valid for a refund, it is the customer's responsibility to pay for the shipping.